eutectic (63Sn/37Pb). The nominal eutectic melting points are 220°C for Sn/Ag solder and 183°C for Sn/Pb solder. The off eutectic Pb-Free solders have even higher melting points. The 95Sn/5Ag solder melts at 240°C, and there are Sn/Ag/Cu and other alloys that span the melting point range from 220 to 240°C. Even

Typical 63Sn/37Pb solder wets above 181°C. For vapor phase/reflow or manual soldering, a temperature of 225±5° with a T≤ 190°C is recommended. For wave soldering, the recommended solder temperature is 260±5 °C with a T≤ 150°C.With operations in 30 countries, FCI is a leading manufacturer of connectors. Our 13,500 employees are committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products for awide range of consumer andindustrial applications. 2 >